Are you setup for success in 2021?

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  • Jan 12, 2021
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Already it’s the middle of January.

Less than 50 weeks to Christmas! Can you believe it?!?!

No doubt you are already head long into life and your business. How well do you know if you’re on track to achieve success in 2021?

Let’s start by asking ourselves one very important question…

What Does Success Mean Anyway?

Everybody has their own definition of what success means. Some people think they’ve made it when they are driving their flash, new car, living in their dream home or finally hitting that magical weight or body fat % number.

Unfortunately, the research suggests that the vast majority of people (97-99%) determine success using other people’s definitions. “Success” is what our parents, family, friends, television and social media marketing, teachers, magazines etc., tell us that it is.

In my own life I am learning to focus on what success means to me (Faye Caughey). In all this, I’m not suggesting I am right. I simply believe I am right for me. If what I suggest isn’t right for you right now, I am perfectly OK with that.

What Does Success Mean To Faye Caughey?

Success to Faye Caughey is achieving things which enable me to be my TRUE authentic self. I, as suggested by many of my previous posts, believe that I and every other single human being on the planet have our own life priorities. For each one of us, what our life priorities are, are as unique to us as our finger-print.

Helping you to determine your own unique life priorities is the foundation of all the work that Rob and I do with our clients.

Therefore for me to have success in 2021, I must:

  1. Know very clearly what my highest priorities are and what ‘success’ looks like in those highest priorities FOR ME
  2. 100% own what those priorities are for me
  3. Ensure that I only set success goals to be line with those highest priorities. For example, if appearance is not my highest priority, I’m on a hiding to nowhere to set goals to weigh that magical kilogram or body fat % number (even though society tells me I should!)
  4. Determine every day, every moment – Are my actions moving me towards those highest priority goals?
  5. Make a decision to stop immediately the moment I become aware I’m focusing on, being distracted by or being sucked in by others’ definitions of what success means for me.
  6. Ensure I acknowledge myself for my awareness and NOT beat myself up for it. Remember, the Apollo moon rockets were off course 97% of the time, yet they still reached destinations – and returned to earth – with pin-point precision and timing.
  7. Acknowledge that I may have to put some focus on things that aren’t my highest life priorities. For example, my business is my highest priority. While fitness, doesn’t rate a mention for me, I know for me to live to my highest priority most effectively, I need exercise, I need to eat property, I need to get sufficient sleep and keep a check on my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Unlike an Olympian, I don’t require the ability to lift my aching arm (from previous day’s training) over my head to switch off my alarm at 4am every morning. I simply choose to go for a quick walk 4 times a week; I also may sneak in a piece of chocolate every night. 😉
  8. Stop expecting others to be and do the same as me (and have the same priorities)
  9. At the end of every day ask myself what high priority action steps did I take today to help me fulfil my most purposeful, meaningful, productive and profitable dream today.

My deepest desire for you is that in 2021 you achieve every ounce of success that you deserve.

What Does Success Mean To You?

Do you have complete clarity on exactly what it will take for you to achieve success in 2021?

Do you know what success looks like for YOU?

Rob and I have spent more than 17 years now working with business owners to help them get complete clarity over what success looks like for them, their partner and their family. We then work alongside them as we coach them from where they are now to where they want to be.

If you’ve decided 2021 is your year, reach out. We’re here to support you achieving the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted for you and your family.

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