About Kaibizzen

Founded in 2003 and backed by almost two decades of high-performance coaching experience, Kaibizzen represents Faye and Rob Caughey’s dedication to elevating the lives of business owners by making their most valuable cash generating vehicle work for them – their business.

Partners in business for 25 years and married for 13, Faye and Rob are masters in partnerships and realising ultimate lifestyles.

It is through their extensive experience in life and business that they’re able to deliver a robust five-step clarity mentoring method which is proven to have a transformative approach in championing the lifestyle goals of their clients.

Leveraging their unique skills in facilitation and mentoring, Faye and Rob have a commitment to providing the absolute transparency that is needed to get you on your journey to comprehensive lifestyle success with a tailored suite of tactical tools to match.

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Faye Caughey

Co-Founder & Director
Business Mentor & Clarity Coach


Backed by over 30 years in business with high-level experience coaching leaders for almost two decades, Faye has a distinct ability to understand the complexities faced by business owners far and wide.

As founding partner and Director of Kaibizzen, Faye fuses her experience as a successful business owner and coach of business owners and leaders to facilitate peak performance, improving business profitability and developing highly accountable and high-performing teams, giving business owners more time to live the life they truly want.

Harnessing an innate ability to objectively analyse business operations and determine effective navigational tools to achieve outcome-focused goals, Faye has expedited the lifestyle success of business leaders from diverse industries across Australia and abroad.

Utilising strategic and tailored time-bound plans, Faye’s planning process delivers absolute clarity about what her clients really want, prioritising commercial outcomes geared to a client’s personal goals with accountability and productivity at the fore.

Rob Caughey

Mentor & Coach


Motivated by the intricacies of human mindset and behavioural science, Rob is dedicated to unveiling how business leaders can leverage their personal behaviours to achieve the pinnacle of lifestyle success.

With more than 25 years’ experience studying some of world’s most prominent behavioural scientists and impressive career progression behind him, Rob has developed effective frameworks for clearly defining personal priorities, enabling his clients to realise their goals with a toolbox of customised coaching tactics.

It is thanks to his insight and desire to teach which fortifies Kaibizzen as a key facilitator of elevated success outcomes backed by practical experience, wisdom and inherent perspective which paves the way for fresh outlooks and nimble success solutions.

Our clients say it best

If I had to encapsulate the results of working with Kaibizzen, I’d say it’s removing your limitations and growing your beliefs to a point where you are effectively running businesses that are performing better than you ever thought possible, are more profitable than you ever thought possible, and actually, more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

Natalie Kington, Laser Clinics Australia (Carindale Garden City Chermside)

Being married to her business partner meant that the stress of work never left Chris. Her relationship with her husband was at an all-time low as each of them struggled with the challenges of business.

After working with Faye & Rob Caughey, in only a few months, Chris has turned not only the business, but her relationship with her husband as well.

Chris Coleman, Merri Aluminium & Auto Doors