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  • Jun 05, 2023
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With 2023 flying by, it’s important to ensure you’re doing what you can to ensure your team remains engaged, productive and fulfilled.

Paired with recent reports about the ‘Great Resignation’, not only is profitability and productivity of your business likely affected, but there also exists outstanding competition for talent which ultimately demands business owners adapt and evolve as employers.

Data shows approximately 50 per cent of workers between the ages of 18 and 54 reported feeling exhausted at work. Younger workers in particular feel there are few opportunities for advancement.
To help you to combat these statistics, here’s a few things you should consider doing when it comes to improving employee retention and performance…

Kaibizzen’s top five tips for improving employee retention and performance:

  • Give staff a reason to stay – staff want to grow, so ensuring they have opportunities for advancement, learning, collaboration and growth is vital. Whether these are external learning opportunities, educational courses, on-the-job training, or providing opportunities for coaching and mentorship, they all contribute to helping staff improve their skills, showing there is opportunity for advancement and enabling them to feel supported.
  • Reduce burn out – regular check-ins, encouraging open communication, office breaks (such as going out for team lunches) and limiting overtime hours are all easy ways to decrease burn out among team members.
  • Recognise and celebrate staff successes – every staff member wants to feel appreciated and valued for their work, so be sure to thank staff for their hard work and celebrate them for their outstanding efforts and achievements – big or small.
  • Involve staff – don’t just assume – actually ask and involve staff in business decisions. As a business owner, ask yourself, what do they want? What will help them to enjoy their roles more? How can I support them? It’s when we include staff and give them a voice that we ultimately get the best results from our team.
  • Give staff the option of flexible work arrangements – COVID changed the working environment and the benefits of having flexible work arrangements available to staff are unmatched. Not only can productivity be increased, but work-life balance can too, which all contributes positively to maintaining staff and seeing positive results in their performance.

How can Kaibizzen help you?

At Kaibizzen, our philosophy of business is this…

Your business is the tool you use to create the life you want for yourself and your family.

As a small business owner, you may be wondering how to keep good employees. Experts in business for over two decades and leaders in coaching small businesses, Kaibizzen, presents a unique perspective on what even the most diligent employer could be doing wrong and how to fix it to ensure you’ve got a competent, committed and motivated team.

We believe there is no point focusing only on surface-level issues without drilling down to the deeper reasons behind your business’s existing limitations. We use a reverse-engineering process, which just means we break down the outcomes you’re looking for into their perspective parts to create a plan that enhances your chances for success. And this is carried across into retaining your employees and building high performing teams, too.

It’s no secret that different staff value different things, so thorough team analyses should be regularly undertaken, leveraging your most versatile staff members for optimal productivity. Ensure your employees have opportunity for growth, mentorship, collaboration and feel supported.

If that fails, it might be time to consider an external appraisal of your operations to determine where your business can cut the fat and accelerate to full performance. At Kaibizzen, we coach you as small business owners to develop high performing teams, using human-centered leadership strategies.

This new financial year could be a great time for you to focus on the needs of your team, so that in return, your team can take care of your business while you live the lifestyle you truly want.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you along this journey, contact the Kaibizzen team here.

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