How we work

At Kaibizzen, our mission is to deliver absolute clarity about what you really want to achieve in life and to provide a safe and guided environment which allows you to fulfil your ultimate lifestyle goals.

Working with business owners turning over more than $1 million annually, it is with seasoned knowledge that Kaibizzen delivers coaching methods that leverage your best cash generating vehicle for personal freedom – your business.

The key outcome is a carefully curated and customised plan which is as unique as you, enabling you to grow your business, amplify your investments and finally, realise your ultimate position of choice lifestyle and exit strategy.

A process completed in five steps, Kaibizzen constructs a pathway for your lifestyle success which starts and ends with you.


Led by the safety and guidance of Kaibizzen, you will undertake an in-depth analysis to reveal your highest priorities. As a part of this process, a comprehensive business assessment must be completed along with submitting business financials and other critical information.


Following an analysis of your business’ baseline position, Kaibizzen can determine a clear roadmap for your journey to success. With heightened clarity about your ultimate goals, Kaibizzen is able to establish your unique key motivators which will act as pillars at every point of your coaching journey.


With amplified clarity about your goals and motivators, Kaibizzen leverages behavioural science to uncover subconscious beliefs and raise new priority sets that will facilitate your strategic objectives. For example, the importance of investing comes to the fore as a way to secure passive income streams to further enhance your exit strategy success.


Kaibizzen uses decades of experience to determine a clear costed personal plan which identifies what is needed from your business to achieve the cashflow goals required to live the life you really want. It is by leveraging your best cash generating vehicle for personal freedom – your business – that Kaibizzen sets you up for success on a comprehensive scale.


Your journey doesn’t end after the first four steps. To continue to evolve your goals, Kaibizzen works to uncover the lifetime habits and beliefs that might be hindering your success. It is by partnering with Kaibizzen that you’ll be held accountable for implementing your plan which will take you on a journey determined successful by how quickly you do the work to uncover, discover and change.

The Kaibizzen difference

Business coaches everywhere can teach anyone the fundamentals of business with generalised approaches and constricted overviews, overlooking that an individual’s business and personal lives always intersect.

At Kaibizzen, we work from the inside, out.

By starting with you, we unveil your true desires and determine a vision for the life you truly want. Then, with personal perspectives covered, we dive into your business and reverse-engineer tailored operational strategies that align with your ultimate lifestyle objectives.

Unlike an advisory board, Kaibizzen will not sit on the side-lines as you implement these newfound strategies alone. While there are advisory benefits, Kaibizzen is renowned for sharing decades of combined learnings and experiences with client partners, enabling a collaborative approach to coaching where we join you for the process as you execute your tactics and make the right decisions.

Consider us an enduring partner in your progression.