Thank you 2014 – thank you for everything you’ve given me.

Thank you 2014 – thank you for everything you’ve given me.

thank you 2014 Wow!! Where has 2014 gone? We’re standing on the threshold – saying goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. What has 2014 brought you? What is 2015 going to be like so that it’s even better than 2014?

I don’t know about you but I love this time of year as it provides me the opportunity to reflect on the past year. It gives me the opportunity to review where I’ve come from and helps me to see where I am right now. In my experience these acknowledgements provide the best platform for diving into the next year.

Here’s the questions I set aside time to answer:

1. What did I love about 2014?
2. What have been some of the amazing blessings that have happened to me?
3. What did I achieve?
4. What are some of the things that I did in 2014 that I need to keep doing in 2015?
5. Who are some of the amazing people who have helped me in 2014? How did they help me?
6. Who are some of the amazing people that I have helped in 2014? How did I add value to their lives?
7. What have been some big and little things that I thought at the beginning of 2014 would be difficult or impossible to achieve – but I have!!
8. How did I turn those things into reality? What were the steps that I took?
9. What have been my greatest challenges in 2014?
10. How have those challenges (in hindsight) really been a blessing?
11. What did I learn by going through those experiences?
12. What have been some big and little things that have been difficult to achieve?
13. What’s the reason I didn’t achieve them? (i.e. what’s the difference between question 6 and 12?)
14. What are the rituals or habits that have shaped my current results? (Be honest)
15. What do I have to stop doing?
16. What do I have to start doing?

These questions are an amazing prompter, and it doesn’t take long to write pages. Try it you’ll be amazed.

Now that you are clear about where you’ve been and you’ve been reminded about how you’ve turned your 2014 goals and dreams into reality (where you are right now),it’s time to decide where you want to go in 2015 … Let’s go …

Firstly, I write down what I want. I’m sure to include EVERYTHING I want to do, be, create, give and have in the areas of life that are important to me (eg family, health, business, financial, learning etc). Out of that entire list I circle my top four (maximum) things I want to achieve in 2015. I ask:

1. What do I most want to be thankful for one year from now?
2. What will get me up early and keep me up late with excitement?
3. Why do I want to achieve these things?
These questions ensure I will be focusing on the things I really MUST achieve for the year. (Notice the difference between must and want!!!)
4. What are the rituals/habits I need to do to help me achieve this?
5. How prepared am I to do whatever I have to do achieve this?
These questions especially help me see what I’ve got to do differently in 2015 to get what I want. It’s important to be certain about what “whatever” might entail!!
6. How will I know that I’m on track to achieve my goals?
This question helps me track my daily or at least weekly progress.

Now it’s time to take immediate action – what’s the one thing to do immediately to achieve each one of your four goal s (eg throw out all unhealthy food in your fridge, open a profit bank account, get a coach etc, right now!).

2014 – thank you for all the lessons … 2015 I’m ready!!

I’d love to hear from you. What’s your 2014 been like? What is 2015 going to hold for you? Which of these questions have the hit greatest chord with you? If you need help to develop a plan or set goals , call us today 3390 8977 or visit We will help you.

Have a wonderful 2015.

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