• Are you struggling to hire the right person for the right job?
  • Are you still the first person in every morning and the last person to leave in the evening?
  • Are you losing quality team members?
  • Are you facing people-related legal issues?

Team leadership and people management are skills which few people have been blessed with.

Building Better Business Teams

Teachers often remark “Shows leadership tendencies” in student reports, but that’s often where the guidance ends. Our education system usually falls short of developing this key skill, leaving this leadership potential largely unfulfilled.
As a business owner, team leadership is a critical skill that you need to master if you want to succeed.

But an expanding business often presents many problems. As much as you excel in your technical skills, you might unexpectedly discover that your management skills are grossly underdeveloped.

Most business owners have never been taught how to manage and lead people. Often, business owners find it difficult to believe that anyone else could do it better. They also struggle to relinquish control and continue to do things because it’s “easier and quicker to just do things themselves”.

What you really need is to be able to confidently let go by attracting and retaining the right people, and ultimately lead a high-performing team to help you achieve your business goals and desired lifestyle.

How Kaibizzen can help

At Kaibizzen, we focus on you and your team.

It is often said, “People are the greatest asset of any business”.

Although this is a great saying, we prefer to say, “The right people with the right skills and commitment are the greatest asset of any business”.

As the business owner, we’ll work closely with you to help you get through all the stages of letting go, giving you the confidence to trust key people to take charge of important tasks. By helping you discover and develop the skills of the right people, you can build a more cohesive team that’s geared towards achieving your objectives.

What We Do

Every team is different, so we will always work closely with you to assess your situation and create an action plan tailored to your needs. Our team building coach can help you in:

  • Building a stronger team culture
  • Building more trust from your team
  • Uncovering the real issues behind conflicts
  • Identifying key roles and responsibilities
  • Improving team dynamics and communications
  • Resolving conflicts and disagreements
  • Setting roles and boundaries effectively
  • Motivating team members
  • Developing your leadership skills


Remember: it all starts with you and your employees. Once you understand what your team is facing and the root of your problems, you’ll find it easier to improve and make progress. With our team building business coach, you’ll get a clear and unbiased perspective that can help your team recover from a crisis sooner or grow stronger faster.

At Kaibizzen, we believe that strong and positive teamwork is critical to any business success. If no man is an island, then no business is truly a solo act. If you want to make positive changes in your business and ensure its continuous growth, then you need to invest in your people and build teams that work together seamlessly.


Your team building coach, will help you strategise ways to develop your employees’ skills so that your team’s output will always be greater than the sum of its parts.

Meet Our Team Building Coach

Faye Caughey

Director / Team Coach

With over 30 years of experience as a HR Manager, Faye has the knowledge, understanding, and passion for facilitating your improvement. Having worked with teams of 2 to 2,000, her vast experience covers all aspects of people management, from HR planning and recruitment through to termination. In addition, she is highly skilled in facilitating workshops which focus on leadership development and is an accredited DISC and MYOB trainer.

As an MBA (HR) alumni, Faye brings her extensive HR background and expertise to Brisbane business owners, assisting them to create teams which have the right people with the right skills in the right place working together for the benefit of the business.

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