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“The biggest struggle I had was not knowing what to do and how to run a business. Finding help with the team at Kaibizzen has been priceless for me! Now I see where I can get to and how to get there. I know that I can give great value to my clients and have the systems in place to support me.

It will always been a learning experience and to that end I know that I will always have Kaibizzen there with me.

I would recommend Kaibizzen in a heartbeat to any business owner. Kaibizzen are different in that they have a team of specialists who can help you in providing expert advice in their key area. Kaibizzen is an amazing set up, I love the fact that they are there to support you, they care and they become your family in business.”

Deb Purkiss
Managing Director


“Kaibizzen has been assisting Iolar in a number of areas including developing its marketing collateral, identifying its unique selling position and most importantly focusing and determining what it is Iolar wanted to achieve in the business world. Kaibizzen’s support and encouragement also went a long way to help Iolar in securing a large contract recently for the Chinchilla Waste and Recycling Centre Operations and Maintenance by Western Downs Regional Council.”

Patrick Navin
Managing Director

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“Before starting with Kaibizzen I was working ridiculous hours with mediocre goals and results. Through working with Kaibizzen, I now have more time to spend with my young family and in the time that we’ve been involved, our company has grown from $200K to in excess of $1M. We now give ourselves permission to dream bigger and continue to achieve fantastic results”

Luke Fletcher

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“Since working with Kaibizzen we are now much clearer on our direction and are seeing some fantastic results’. Previously Synergy Building Design had struggled in the areas of time management, organization and finances, they ‘are now experiencing significant improvement and have the right people in the right positions’.

‘I am now thinking and acting more like a business owner rather than just working in the business’. I highly recommend Kaibizzen if you are looking to make some major headway in your business.

Anthony Trevor
Managing Director

For years I had been searching for the right help and as much as its a fun journey I had almost given up thinking the help I wanted was out there until I met the Team at Kaibizzen. They are the perfect mix of friendship, focus and knowledge that I’ve needed to move my business to the next level.

Shannon Harvey
Leading Agent – Team Harvey
Place Bulimba

“The biggest change since we started working with Kaibizzen is the expansion of our business from 2 to a team of five and the business turn over increasing by approximately 100%. Kaibizzen has helped me get by business ready for growth. We are now reaching new markets that I never thought I would reach. I thank Kaibizzen for helping me increase my understanding of the psychology of running and winning the game of business.

Evan Pickering

“Reaching 122.5% of our sales target in October is absolutely due to the fact that we have teamed up with Kaibizzen, which has seen us implementing new systems and procedures. Our quality standards have raised significantly and our customer relationships is building to new heights and our rework is almost non-existent. We are very excited to see even more efficiency and growth in the future”

Simon Goode