• Are you setting goals for yourself and your business and not achieving them?
  • Do you feel frustrated, highly stressed or even depressed because you are working hard and not achieving the results you are looking for?
  • Did you go into business because you wanted to create a better lifestyle but you’re not quite getting what you want?

There’s a reason for this and it’s not what you think!

Many of us think if we just keep at it and go the extra mile we will achieve our dreams and desires. But what we don’t take into account is how we are programmed.

“Did you know the delay between a thought and the decision to move is 0.2 seconds? And a further 0.3 seconds before movement actually happens?”

Neuro surgeons describe how things happen in our brain long before we actually do the action we have decided to take. (Now when I say “long before”, brain activity happens in micro seconds, so a second is actually a very long time.)

Our neurons fire without our permission. And when groups of neurons fire together they cause specific actions… Like a habit!

Get enough of these habits together and we have created a specific pattern of thinking.

This means if we want to change our habits we need to disrupt our thinking.

Neuro science is providing us with more and more evidence each year which shows ‘100% of our behaviors and actions come from our subconscious’.

Put simply, your subconscious is your beliefs
Your subconscious beliefs come from your upbringing. Basically we have all been brainwashed by the environment we grew up in.

What many of us don’t know is the role of the subconscious is to continually seek reinforcement of its beliefs. This is the bit where the neurons fire without our permission (but we can alter the permissions with the right knowledge).

The reason why we set goals and don’t achieve them is because we set them with our conscious mind, not our subconscious mind. The problem is our subconscious mind rules.

So unless there is alignment between the two, our subconscious mind will always win

How Kaibizzen can hlep

Kaibizzen’s Peak Performance coach works with you to identify your existing success “framework”. (The beliefs you subconsciously reinforce)

This, more than anything else will give you an insight into why you are currently achieving the results you are.

You will be shown what you have to do differently and who you MUST become to achieve different results.

You will learn how to ‘reset’ your ‘framework’… and more importantly how to keep it and continually improve upon it.

Meet our Peak Performance Coach

Rob Coach
Rob Caughey
Peak Performance Coach

With a passion of assisting business owners, CEOs, managers and individuals to become their best in their chosen field, Rob joined forces with his wife Faye to launch Kaibizzen “Your Business Centre of Excellence”. Rob believes to achieve our full potential we must continue to learn, apply those learnings and then ultimately teach those learnings to others. He demonstrated this throughout his career and education from tradesperson to senior management, consultant, university studies, business owner and more recently studying under some of the world’s leading behavioural scientists. Rob continues to study human behaviour, mindset and how it affects our success and achievement. The more he learns the greater his desire becomes to teach others to allow them to become what they really want to become.

Favourite Achievement
Being told by clients that he has saved their lives and made a dramatic change in their lives

Outside of Work
Rob enjoys riding his push bike and fishing. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren and discussing the meaning of life over a good red.