• Are you setting goals for yourself and your business and not achieving them?
  • Do you feel frustrated, highly stressed or even depressed because you are working hard and not achieving the results you are looking for?
  • Did you go into business because you wanted to create a better lifestyle but you’re not quite getting what you want?

Become a Better Business Owner with a Business Mentor

Are you setting goals for yourself and your business and not achieving them? Do you feel frustrated, stressed or even depressed because the results don’t match the hard work that you’re putting in? Did you get into business to create a better lifestyle but simply aren’t living the life you want?


Create the changes you need and become a better business owner with help from our Kaibizzen Business Mentor. Our Business Mentor Brisbane will help you understand what’s really behind your business outcomes and work with you to achieve the results you actually want. Whether you own a growing start-up or an established business that needs a change in direction, we’ll help you get your bearings and will guide you every step of the way.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Did you know there’s a 0.2 second delay between your conscious mind registering a thought and that thought originating in your subconsious? And it’s only 0.3 seconds before you act on that thought?

That means that you have just 0.3 seconds to intervene if you want to change your behaviour.

Neuroscientists describe how thoughts happen in our brain long before we are aware of them and act.  Simply put, our neurons fire without our conscious permission. And when groups of neurons fire together, they cause specific actions… Like a habit! Get enough of these habits together and you have created the specific patterns of thoughts which drive your actions.

This is why Einstein famously said, “No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it.” This means that if you want to change your results, then you need to disrupt your thinking.

The Power of the Subconscious

Many of us have been taught that if we work hard and go the extra mile then we will achieve our dreams and desires. However, the truth of whether or not we achieve our dreams is not dependent on how hard we work, but on how closely our conscious goals align with our subconscious beliefs about achieving those goals.

Let’s look at how this plays out with some everyday examples.

  • You’ve decided to lose weight, but find yourself without consciously deciding to, standing in front of an open fridge, wondering what you’re doing there.
  • You’ve set goals to achieve an income and profit target, but you’re never quite able to get there.

Your subconscious beliefs come from your upbringing. Our minds are shaped by the environments that we grew up in and continue to expose ourselves to.

For example, if you grew up in a household where money was always tight, and you were repeatedly told “Money doesn’t grow on trees” then, no matter what your financial goals are, you’ll find that you’re always struggling to achieve them. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, right?

More importantly, your subconscious will only look for reinforcement of this belief. It never looks for contradiction. So if your belief is that money is hard to come by, you will only notice the events that reinforce to you that money is tight – rather than recognising the blessing of money coming in at all or looking for opportunities to increase your income. The good news is that with the right strategy, we can change our subconscious beliefs for the better.

How Kaibizzen can Help


To help you get the results you want, Kaibizzen’s Business Mentor Brisbane Program focuses on the following:

  • Assessment. You can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you stand and where you’ve been. Our Peak Performance Coach will help you identify and evaluate your existing success “framework” (the beliefs that you subconsciously reinforce) so that you can understand why you are getting the results that you have now. This is an accurate, fair and objective look at what you are doing (both good and bad) that will help identify areas of improvement.
  • Alignment. By aligning your conscious mind with your subconscious, you can take more effective and meaningful actions towards growing your business. You will learn how to ‘reset’ your ‘framework’ and, more importantly, how to maintain and continually improve it.
  • Action Plan. Knowing what to do is one thing; actually doing it is another. With all critical issues identified, our business mentor will then show you what you need to do differently and who you MUST become to achieve the results you want. We will help you create a clear action plan that will put you in the best position for improvement and better results.

Meet our Peak Performance Coach

Rob Caughey

With a passion for helping business owners, CEOs, managers and individuals become the best in their fields, Rob joined forces with his wife Faye to launch Kaibizzen.

Rob believes that to achieve your full potential, you must continue to learn, apply those new lessons and ultimately share those lessons with others. He has demonstrated this belief throughout his career, from working as a tradesperson to his roles in senior management, consultancy and business ownership. He has also applied this belief throughout his education, starting with his early university studies to his more recent studies and training under some of the world’s leading behavioural scientists.

Rob continues to study human behaviour, mindset and how it affects our success and achievement. The more he learns, the greater his desire to help others become what they really want to become.