• Are you working too many hours?
  • Do you want more time off to do other things?
  • Are you losing staff?
  • Are you facing people related legal issues?

Team leadership and people management are skills which few people have been blessed with.

Better Business Teams

Business Team Working

Business Team Working

Teachers often remark in student reports “Shows leadership tendencies” but the education systems falls short of developing them.

As a business owner, an expanding business presents many problems in this area. As much as your trade skills excel, you can unexpectedly discover your management skills are grossly underdeveloped (in other words… suck).

Most business owners are excellent at their respective trades but have never been taught how to manage and lead people. The reason business owners have difficulty in this area stems from their belief that no-one can do it better, or it’s easier and quicker to do it themselves.

What they really need is to be able to confidently let go by attracting and retaining the right people, and ultimately leading a highly performing team to help them achieve their business goals and lifestyle.

How Kaibizzen can help

It is often said “People are the greatest asset of any business”. We prefer to say “The right people with the right skills and commitment are the greatest asset of any business”

We work alongside you (the business owner) to work through the stages of letting go.

We provide guidance and assistance in discovering the niche skill set required to outperform your own skills for the various team roles in the business.

We are most passionate about helping business owners take a team of individuals and turn them into a uniquely individual team which commands maximum market share.

Meet our Team Building Coach

Rob Coach
Rob Caughey
Team Building Coach

With a passion of assisting business owners, CEOs, managers and individuals to become their best in their chosen field, Rob joined forces with his wife Faye to launch Kaibizzen “Your Business Centre of Excellence”. Rob believes to achieve our full potential we must continue to learn, apply those learnings and then ultimately teach those learnings to others. He demonstrated this throughout his career and education from tradesperson to senior management, consultant, university studies, business owner and more recently studying under some of the world’s leading behavioural scientists. Rob continues to study human behaviour, mindset and how it affects our success and achievement. The more he learns the greater his desire becomes to teach others to allow them to become what they really want to become.

Favourite Achievement
Being told by clients that he has saved their lives and made a dramatic change in their lives

Outside of Work
Rob enjoys riding his push bike and fishing. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren and discussing the meaning of life over a good red.

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