Failure to plan? Are you planning to fail?

Failure to plan? Are you planning to fail?

No business plans to fail, but many fail to plan and suffer the consequences accordingly.planning

A small number of businesses conduct a formal feasibility study and prepare a business plan before they commence the business: estimates are that only 3 to 5 per cent of Australian small businesses starting out prepare a business plan -that is, know that their business is feasible and have a formal plan to operate and market that business.

Understanding the common reasons for business failure will help form your plans to avoid these pitfalls.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Technology, Sydney, commonly cited reasons for business failure are, in order of frequency:

  1. financial mismanagement
  2. poor management
  3. poor record-keeping
  4. sales and marketing problems
  5. staffing issues
  6. failure to seek external advice
  7. general economic conditions
  8. personal factors

Kaibizzen can help you plan for success

Kaibizzen’s Kick Start program-final seats available

The sporting world has known for years how essential a team of professional trainers and coaches are to achieve peak performance. The business world has taken a bit longer to catch on, but those business owners who are thriving are the ones that know they need guidance, mentoring and coaching to ensure that they are at the top of their game in business.

At Kaibizzen we don’t expect you to be an instant expert across all essential aspects of business, in fact we applaud you for recognising and taking the step of seeking advice, mentoring and coaching from those who are specialists in their field.

Kaibizzen’s Kick Start Program has been especially designed to help you quickly gain knowledge across the key areas critical to your business to enable you to formulate your plan for success.

Final seats available-book now

Over a series of intensive sessions during a 6 month period, Kaibizzen’s Kick Start Program will cover topics including Peak Performance for Business, Business Finances – the heart of your business, Marketing excellence, Systems for success and how to structure your team effectively. The team at Kaibizzen will also help you identify and gain clarity on where you want to go and how you can get there.


Kick Start your business today and register to attend the program.

The next Kick Start program commences November 7th 2014.

Seats are limited, if you haven’t already done so then please register now to avoid disappointment.

If you know of anyone who might also be interested in the program please feel free to share.

The Kaibizzen Team looks forward to hearing from you soon

Please RSVP to register by Nov 4th 2014

If you have any queries please contact Kaibizzen on 07 3390 8977 or [email protected]

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